Abhay Deol, Geetanjali Thapa in `The Informer`

Mumbai: `B.A. Pass` director Ajay Bahl, who is ready to roll his next film, an adaptation of Akimitsu Takagi`s Japanese novel `The Informer` has decided to cast Abhay Deol as one of the leads in the thriller.

Abhay may be seen as one of the protagonists along with the Sikkimese model-turned-actress Geetanjali Thapa.

Bahl says he owes Geetanjali one project.

"After I opted out of the Bhatts` project `City Lights`, Geetanjali also opted out. She didn`t have to do that. In fact, from what I know of the equations in the entertainment industry, no one turns away from a project for the sake of showing solidarity."

"Geetanjali left the Bhatts` project after I did. I owe her a role in the film that I am doing now," he added.

Actress Shilpa Shukla, who gave a sterling performance in Bahl`s "B.A. Pass", is also back in "The Informer".

"What Shilpa brought to `B.A. Pass` was incredible. I wanted to cast her in my second film, but when I started work on `City Lights` for the Bhatts, we needed a protagonist who was 26 years old. I couldn`t sign her for `City Lights`."

"Now I can work with Shilpa in `The Informer`. I have just the role for her," he said.