Abhinav Shiv Tiwari`s next is based on father-daughter story

New Delhi: Director Abhinav Shiv Tiwari, who tackled the issue of human trafficking in his debut feature film `Oass`, is now working on a film which will revolve around the story of a daughter and father.

"The new film is a story about a father who is on a journey to save his daughter in wilderness of Ladakh. He has got just a few days in the peak of winters when the temperature is -30 degrees in Ladakh. It`s a man versus nature story," Tiwari said.

The director said the film is also about an ideological tussle between the duo. Both have received their education and beliefs from the grandfather though the daughter has absorbed it entirely while the father has turned into a non-believer.

"The film is also about the conversations they have. The story revolves around whether the father can save his daughter or not. Whether the daughter can impart that same faith and belief into his father or will the father make her believe that it is all rubbish."

The director is looking for an experienced Korean actor to play the role of the `father`, who is an ethnic tribesman from Ladakh, in the film.

Tiwari hopes to shoot the film in the upcoming winter season in Ladakh. He is also working on a comedy film.

His film ‘Oass’ dealt with the complex issue of human trafficking where a young girl, who lives on Nepal border ends up in a Delhi brothel after being sold by her aunt.

"I was working on different scripts when this story came to me. I was part a United Nations team which was shooting a short film on girl children being rescued from brothels in Delhi.

"And there I met this 15-year-old girl, who despite being caught in the nexus, was positive about her life. She inspired me to make `Oass`. It took me six years to complete the film," said Tiwari, who started as a documentary filmmaker.

Tiwari believes that cinema can be used to bring out socially relevant stories without losing on entertainment quotient.

"After `Oass`, I feel that there is some sort of responsibility. I feel cinema gives me the scope to balance my passion and my social responsibility," he said.