Acting is not an easy job, says Vidya

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Vidya Balan, who is acting in the much talked about Ekta Kapoor’s ‘Dirty Picture’ recently faced troubles while shooting a bathtub scene, where she plays the role of the South sex symbol Silk Smitha.

Apparently, Vidya was supposed to indulge in skin show but recently, while shooting a sequence in the bathtub, she developed skin allergy and rashes all over her body, which turned out to be so severe that she had to be rushed to the dermatologist.

The shooting for the film is going on full swing at the moment in Mumbai. The day this incident occurred the unit was shooting at Film City, Goregaon.

Vidya was clad in a towel and the sequence had to be picturised while she was in a bathtub full of soap water. After some time, her skin started feeling rough and irritated. Initially, she ignored it but later it turned into rashes, which made her raise the alarm.

A source revealed to a daily, “Vidya soon realised that she had developed an allergy. The rash spread all over her body. She quickly got dressed. Abandoning the shoot, she went to see the doctor immediately.”

Though some would like to blame the production unit for using unhygienic water for the shoot, a source confirmed a daily, “Balaji Motion Pictures had organised for mineral water to be filled in the bathtub. Luthria is very particular about his actors getting the best. Despite the precautions, Vidya developed the allergy. It could be due to the bathtub, which was hand painted. It could be the soap or maybe just the fact that she had remained in soap water for a long time.”

But the leading dermatologist in Andheri in Mumbai pointed out it wasn’t the water but the allergic reaction happened to Vidya’s skin from the quality of soap that was used in the bathtub.

"Like most other actresses, Vidya too must be using a soap with a lesser percentage of alkali.

The soap used must have had a higher alkali content causing the skin to break out in rash. This happens when a person is exposed to soap water for a very long time," said the doctor to a tabloid.

The scene however, did not suffer as much as Vidya. “Hiccups are not uncommon to a shoot. This was one such incident in ‘Dirty Picture’. The first schedule in Mumbai has been completed. The second schedule kicks off in Hyderabad in a few days. Vidya will have time till then to recover completely. Hopefully, she`ll be fine by then,” concluded our source.

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