‘Action Replayy’ screenplay to go in Oscar archives

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Now here’s one big reason for the makers of `Action Replayy` to celebrate. An invitation has been sent by the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (aka the Oscars) to producer Vipul Shah to send in the screenplay of ‘Action Replayy’ for permanent script collection in the Academy’s archive!

Producer-director Vipul Shah got intimation on this regard early this week and he is making the necessary arrangements to ensure that a copy of the screenplay reaches Margaret Herrick library of the Academy.

Speaking to a daily, Vipul confirmed, “Yes, they have shown a keen interest in preserving the screenplay of Action Replayy. They send out the invites for those films which they need for research purpose. Earlier, a copy of screenplay of ‘Namastey London’ was shared with them when they had expressed their desire for that. I am glad that they feel ‘Action Replayy’ is worthy enough for students of cinema to read and learn.”

‘Action Replayy’ might have managed to make an impression at the Academy, but at the home front Bollywood critics were not very kind and mulled it down. The screenplay of `Action Replayy` has been written by Vipul Shah and Aatish Kapadia

About in-bound critics Vipul commented, “It only shows that how far detached are quite a few of our esteemed critics are from grasping the real content of cinema.”

He further added, “Academy has shown so much good interest, those from the audience who have seen the film have liked it but then some really scathing comments from the critics did come as a shocker. Now that the screenplay is going to the Oscars library, it is definitely redemption of sorts.”