Ajay ‘Himmatwala’ Devgn to fight a tiger for the second time in his life!

New Delhi: Ajay Devgn – who had fought a tiger in ‘Vijaypath’ - is all set for his second stint with the big cat in ‘Himmatwala’.

According to reports, Sajid Khan – the director of the movie - clarified that the film is not a spoof and that the actor would be fighting with a tiger for the second time in his life for his movie.

“This is the second time I have fought a tiger in life after Vijaypath,” Ajay said.

He also said “We took complete safety precautions. And now it is much more easier. In Vijaypath when I fought a tiger, there was no safety. Him and me in the cage, and fighting.”

Sajid added that the tiger became so friendly with Ajay during the shooting, that it was freely moving on the sets.

Here’s wishing Ajay the very best for his “cat fight”!