Akshay Kumar rubbishes No.1 race

Mumbai: While Bollywood seems to be obsessed with the No 1 tag, Akshay Kumar begs to differ. The actor says he is not in the race to be tagged as No. 1.

"We all work in this film industry. We all work together. We are not horses at Mahalakshmi Race course who are tagged with nos. like 1, 2 or 3," Akshay said.

The actor doesn`t like being compared to Salman Khan, who gave hit action films like ‘Dabangg’ and ‘Bodyguard’.

Sonakshi Sinha, who worked with Salman and teams up with Akshay in ‘Rowdy Rathore’, feels the same.

She said: "Salman Khan is `Dabangg` and Akshay Kumar is `Khiladi` of Bollywood."