Akshay Kumar’s jumbo price for his ‘Jumbo’ voice!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai, Oct 21: The Bollywood ‘Kinng’ Akshay Kumar is overwhelming his producers with his ever-so-mounting prices. The actor who has recently undertaken a project of Percept pictures, an animation flick ‘Jumbo’ has charged the producers a whopping sum of Rs 9 crores. Looks like Akki is headed for the lion’s share this time!

Akki certainly has no stunt scenes in ‘Jumbo’ so the exhaustion factor is already out of the scene. So, why 9 Crores?

Well, the hunk is lending his voice to the lead character of the film, an elephant. The jumbo man with a jumbo voice and a jumbo price.

It’s not only the sum that has become the cause of concern to the industrywallas, Akki has also started a new practice of taking the entire amount in advance. And then being a stakeholder of the profits of the project adds the icing on the cake.

A news daily quoted an industry source as saying, "Akshay had taken this entire amount during the signing itself. That time, there was also a deal formed between him and Venus, according to which, Akshay would enjoy 51 per cent share of the profits whereas Venus` share would be 49 per cent. Apart from that, if the film`s profits cross the Rs 25 crore mark then whatever earned above this mark would go into Akshay`s pockets! Venus won`t have any share into that. Generally a producer remains in charge of his film`s negative but in this project, the negatives shall be in the name of Akshay! So in short Akki will enjoy all the benefits of being a producer without investing a single penny!"

So we have here a producer who doesn’t invest a penny, yet bags all the profit! Looks like Akki is cashing in on his stardom to the lees. If this is the way he’s to continue, he might have to start playing negative characters in ‘real life’.


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