Akshay made me feel comfortable on the sets: Trisha Krishnan

Updated: Jul 20, 2010, 11:28 AM IST

Mumbai: She is about 30 films old down South, but actress Trisha Krishnan had to make a new beginning in Bollywood for her debut Hindi film `Khatta Meetha`. She was a little reserved on the sets, which made co-star Akshay Kumar do all to make her feel comfortable.

"I wasn`t interacting much with people during my early days in `Khatta Meetha`. Also, I was a little tense about the dialogues because this is my first Hindi film.

"Akshay came and told me girls in Mumbai talk so much while I was the opposite as I was so much quieter. For him, it was a new experience after all," Trisha told reporters.

The 27-year-old actress lauds Akshay for reaching out to make her more relaxed on the sets instead of acting like a superstar.

"I told him `Ok, I take your feedback. I will now make an effort to change myself`. Credit to him actually for making me feel so much more involved. He is such a veteran and could have easily opted to stay in his own world but he still made an effort," said Trisha.

`Khatta Meetha`, to be released on July 23, is a satirical comedy by filmmaker Priyadarshan which stars Akshay as a middle-class road construction contractor named Sachin Tichkule and Trisha plays a district collector.

When it comes to Bollywood movies, actors are said to be a lot more pampered compared to their counterparts from South. Was the experience any different while working in `Khatta Meetha` since it was Akshay Kumar`s production?

"The film boasts of predominantly the team that has worked with Priyadarshan for years. The film basically had a set up from South so for me, it was not much different", Trisha said.

The actress said that if there was any outsider in the crew, it was the `Khiladi` himself.

"If there was an outsider on the sets, it was Akshay himself. Since I had worked with most of the crew members in my films down South, it was a familiar territory for me. On the other hand Akshay had to work extra hard since he had to build relationships while doubling up as a producer," she said.

Although she is playing a de-glam sari-clad role in her very first Bollywood flick, Trisha doesn`t want to be branded as a serious actress right away and is looking forward to glamorous roles in her future Bollywood assignments.

"One should not be branded after her first film itself. Just because I am wearing a saree in the film doesn`t mean people are not going to see my glamorous avatar. I am sure that tomorrow, there would be many more opportunities.

"Till then, why don`t you enjoy the brief moments of the glam side of me through the song `Nana Chi Taang`? After all that song is totally glam and rocks," said Trisha.