Akshay takes a dig at corrupt politicians with ‘Bullshit’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Not many of us are blessed with an opportunity to rant about the failure of the system - rampant poverty and corrupt netas! Guess, Akshay Kumar is one lucky chap, who’s got the chance to voice the inadequacies of our society with Priyadarshan’s ‘Khatta Meetha’.

News has it that Akshay Kumar recently shot for the film’s controversial track ‘Bullshit’, which is intended at the corrupt politicians and voices the sorrow state of affairs like poor construction work and the woes of our contemporary society.

In ‘Khatta Meetha’, Akshay’s on-screen character Sachin Tichkule coughs while listening to a politician’s speech and when interrupted, says that he is allergic to bullshit - “I don’t like bullshit!”

In the movie, Akshay plays the role of an honest road contractor whose big dreams are shattered by the rampant corruption of the system.

Apparently, the song was included in the film after a lot of deliberation, and was finally visualised by Akshay. It is believed that Priyadarshan and Akshay wanted to have a song that went along with the theme of the film and that’s how ‘Bullshit’ song came about.

Though it’s a controversial and risqué number, choreographer Ganesh Acharya calls it a ‘song with a message.’