Anil Kapoor to play a baddie in Tom Cruise’s ‘Mission Impossible 4’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Anil Kapoor can’t stop basking on his ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ glory for the actor has become one of the most sought after Indian actors in Hollywood. And after starring in hit foreign crime series ‘24’, Anil has now bagged a prominent role in none other than Tom Cruise’s `Mission Impossible` franchise.

Believe it or not, but the dishy actor will be seen doing some kick-ass stunts in the upcoming ‘Mission Impossible 4’. As per reports, the actor has been in negotiating his role for quite some time now. And even though Anil had been keeping the project under wraps it has now emerged that he will be sharing screen with Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg.

As for his role, the actor will be projecting a negative character with shades of grey. Thanking his lucky stars, Anil says, “Someone up there is looking out for me."

But even though Anil wanted to keep his role a guarded secret, his excitement made him let out,"I have been contacted for Mission Impossible 4 and I have said yes."

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