Animation needs to be balanced with entertainment: Ajay

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn says his upcoming home production `Toonpur Ka Superhero` is a comedy film with live animation as an added feature.

"Animation films are targetted at children. But many times not all kids as well as adults enjoy the content. Animation movies need to strike a balance with entertainment quotient too," he said.

"Today`s children is intelligent because they have more exposure to the outside world. It would be wrong to make a movie for a five-year-old keeping yourself in mind when you were at that age," he added.

`Toonpur Ka Superhero` was a fabulous script and has turned out to be a comedy which makes you laugh throughout, Ajay said. He said working with Kajol was like being in a comfort zone.

Ajay said the film was 80 per cent animated. Shooting live animation movie was tough as both he and Kajol had to talk to people who were not around. In action sequences, I had to fight people who are not around. "We had to get the correct body language and expressions and hence had to re-shoot some scenes for closeups," he said adding that action director Jack Gill had done a marvelous job.

The actor hoped that "Toonpur...." would boost animation in mainstream commercial Hindi cinema. Ajay said an animator charges a lakh of rupees for eight sittings in the West, whereas in India, they would get Rs 20,000. "If there is cheap, quality work done here, nearly one lakh jobs would be created and give a major boost to the animation sector," Ajay added.

When asked about his film clashing with Tees Maar Khan on December 24, Ajay said he was not taking on any movie. "Both these movies are different and there was space for everybody," he added.

Ajay said "Toonpur ka Superhero" was never delayed. "We completed the shoot in three to four months. Animation takes time even Avatar took five years to make," he said.

Ajay said director Kireet Khurana gave him a test of the project before he gave his nod to become its producer. "the script was fabulous and I was taken aback," he said adding that initially he was skeptical of producing an animation movie. "I felt such movies were not made here. But, from what I saw during the test, I realised that this project was as good as a Hollywood movie," he added.He said his daughter Nysa had seen portions of the film and had liked it a lot.