Anupam Kher to reprise Nazi dictator Hitler on-screen!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Versatile actor Anupam Kher is all set to play the role of Hitler on the silver screen. Being filmed in English, the actor seems all revved up to portray the infamous German dictator. Anupam is pretty much excited at the prospect of playing his first historical character.

Sharing details about the film being directed by Rakesh Ranjan, Anupam speaks, "Yes, I am playing Hitler and am really looking forward to portraying him. I think he`s one of the most interesting characters of our times. It will be a unique opportunity to play such a different role. Like Ben Kingsley played Gandhi, I will be playing Hitler. I had played Gandhi on a TV show years back, but this would be the first historical role for a movie."

Talking about of his preparation, Anupam says that he is researching the character and adds, "I have watched a couple of movies on Hitler and am also reading some books. The film is being made on a really large scale and it`s important I try and read up as much as possible."

When asked if he had two minds about playing such a negative character, he said, "Well, if I could play Dr Dang then why not Hitler? For me, it`s just another character and I approach it like that. I have played so many negative roles in my lifetime, and all have just been different characters for me."

Well, Anupam you sure were terrific as Dr Dang in ‘Karma’ and now with Hitler, we expect the same salute to your performance from the audience as was given to the Nazi dictator – not with fear, but out of honour.