Arshad making rounds of courts to essay lawyer`s role

Mumbai: Actor Arshad Warsi, who is playing a small town lawyer in his upcoming film `Jolly LLB` is frequenting city courts to get into the skin of the character and while doing so he found some court room proceedings to be really funny.

Director Subhash Kapoor`s (of `Phas Gaye Re Obama` fame), upcoming film `Jolly LLB` is a satire on courts in India.

"The movie is a beautiful satire on how courts are handled in India. One just knows that there are witness boxes, a judge who keeps saying `order order`, and benches where people listen to all the debates and arguments. But in `Jolly LLB` we would be dispelling such myths. A real court is something else and the proceedings are sometimes unintentionally funny," Arshad told reporters.

In order to understand the judiciary system in and out, Arshad is visiting courts regularly.

"As the role demands seriousness even as the film is a satire, I am going an extra mile - visiting courts to give the character a realistic touch," he said.

Arshad, who would be playing a small town lawyer in the film, says, "Its an `underdog film`. I am excited really about my role. I am trying my best to understand how things work in courtroom. I have been doing rounds of them from sometime now and have discovered how funny courtrooms can be at times."

There were rumours that superstar Shahrukh Khan had shown interest in the role but due to date problems he had to step back and the role eventually went to Arshad.

When asked what he felt about stepping into Shahrukh`s shoes, Arshad said, "I don`t know who was contacted or to whom the film went earlier. All I know is I am playing the title role as a solo hero in a film which is really funny."


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