Arshad, once a choreographer, to make a movie on dance now

Mumbai: Choreography in his life long took a backseat, but actor Arshad Warsi now wants to make a film on `dance`.

Before entering Bollywood, Arshad worked as a choreographer for stage shows. He also ran a dance school and won an English Jazz Dancing Competition when he was 21.

"I have given such a fabulous idea on dance film to someone. Since I have been a dancer, I know what a dancer is all about. Somebody is working on it. I have just given an idea -- a writer is doing the job now," Arshad told reporters.

"If the movie has only dance-dance then it becomes boring...there has to be something more than dance. That`s why I haven`t done any film on dance as most of the scripts
are on same lines. It`s just the same -- like a small-time guy works hard, becomes a dancer and wins a competition. So it has to be something more than this," Arshad said.

The 43-year-old actor says he won`t direct the film. Arshad`s first film as a producer, `Hum Tum Aur Ghost`, failed to create magic at the box office last year.

"Choreography has now taken a backseat. I have realised that the only way for me to do choreography, which I liked a lot, is to do it for films. Choreograph one or two
that way I would satisfy my greed," Arshad said.

If one looks at any of Arshad`s big projects with big banners in recent times, such as `Munnabhai`, `Shortcut`, `Krazzy 4` or `Salaam Namastey`, it is his co-actors who get
to shake a leg, not Arshad.