Audience is bored with comedies: Emraan Hashmi

Updated: Jul 23, 2010, 18:52 PM IST

Mumbai: Known for portraying dark and intense roles, actor Emraan Hashmi is hopeful that audience is waiting for a thriller and that his upcoming `Once Upon A Time In Mumbai` would meet their expectations.

The actor himself has acted in only a couple of films that have boasted of elements of comedy - `Jawani Diwani` - A Youthful Ride (with Celina Jaitley) and `Good Boy Bad Boy`(with Isha Sharwani) which were box office disappointments.

No wonder, the actor man has stayed in his `zone`and done gritty films with `Once Upon A Time In Mumbai` being the newest inclusion.

"I agree when you say that I have been playing a lot of grey characters. I think I have that kind of face that people approach me with such roles (with negative shades).Till I don`t get clean shaved, film makers are bound to exploit the grey side of my personality," Hashmi said.

"Well, there is something always so interesting about playing a guy who is living on the edge and is involved in something which is unethical or illegal but is still not totally black," he said.

"`Once Upon A Time In Mumbai` is about an era that has gone by where gangsters and criminals ruled from underworld. The way we perceive them right now is not the way we did then. It was a different world then."

Meanwhile, he acknowledges the fact that after a strong of comedies that have dominated Bollywood for last so many months, there is a an edgy thriller like this which is being keenly anticipated.

"That`s how Bollywood functions. Whenever there is a trend, everyone jumps and tries to capitalise on it," said Hashmi.

"If one comedy works everyone starts doing it. This has been a trend for last couple of years. But then think about a viewer who has been bombarded with slapstick comedies month after month. After some time, due to all the overdose he is bound to get bored," Hashmi added.