Bhandarkar’s ‘Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji’ runs into trouble with Censor Board

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Madhur Bhandrakar, who is best known for giving detailed and realistic treatment to his films, has his latest flick ‘Dil Toh Bachcha Hai Ji’ at the doorsteps of the Censor Board.

Reportedly, the second trailer of the comic film has run into trouble with the Censor Board.

The board has asked the filmmaker to mute a couple of words from the trailer.

“Or else, the Censors would refuse to give their nod of consent”, a tabloid quoted Bhandarkar as saying.

Moreover, the director’s team could not convince the members at the board and had to give in to their instructions. The filmmaker admitted to have made the necessary changes.

“I did the needful. I had no choice, did I?”, said Bhandarkar.

Talking to a tabloid, a source close to the unit revealed, “The Censors objected to two scenes. The first scene in question has Omi Vaidya telling Ajay Devgn, ‘Shaadi se pehle sex never'. The second scene in question has Emraan Hashmi asking Shruti Hassan about her hobbies, to which Shruti replies, ‘Mujhe pornography dekhna bahut pasand hai’.”

What made a stubborn director like Bhandarkar stoop is something to wonder about. After all is best known for his strong convictions.