Billy Crystal and Helen Mirren spoof `When Harry Met Sally`

Updated: Apr 08, 2011, 10:24 AM IST

Los Angeles: `Harry Met Sally` has got a `Twilight` twist in a spoof of the evergreen romantic comedy starring original cast member Billy Crystal and Helen Mirren.

The 1989 hit has got a sequel in the form of a `Funny Or Die` spoof, which sees Crystal`s Harry moving in to a retirement village after Sally has died.

There is a brief tribute to Meg Ryan, who played Sally in the original, but does not appear in the sketch.

There Harry meets Sharon, played by Mirren, and the pair strike up a romance, until she reveals herself to be a vampire and turns him into one too.

The remainder of the trailer sees the pair indulging in all manner of gory shenanigans and there are nods to some classic moments from the film, in a sequence when Crystal
attempts to throw a body part out of the car window and misses.

There is also a hilarious tribute to the infamous sequence from the film in which Ryan faked an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant.

It ends with the film being changed into a movie titled `Grombies: When Sharon Ate Harry`, featuring the pair,dressed as zombies.

The scene is reminiscent of the final scene of `When Harry Met Sally`, which features Crystal and Ryan sitting on a sofa discussing their relationship.

The clip, which also features cameo appearances from Mike Tyson and actress Maya Rudolph, is Crystal`s first for the Funny or Die website.

The original which was released in 1989, starred Crystal and Ryan as two close friends trying to avoid a romance with each other for fear it would ruin their platonic relationship.