Censor board bans Sanjay-Kangna starrer `Knock-Out` trailer

Updated: Sep 04, 2010, 15:59 PM IST

Mumbai: The Sanjay Dutt-Kangna Ranaut-Irrfan Khan starrer "Knock-Out" is in censor trouble. The trailer of the thriller has been banned by the censor board for an allegedly derogatory reference made by Irrfan Khan to the 1000-rupee note.

Apparently in the trailer, when someone wonders aloud why the 1000-rupee note is pink in colour, Irrfan retorts: "Because it is created from the blood and sweat of the common man."

The censor board raised an objection to what they see as a derogatory reference to the Indian currency. Rather than deleting the objectionable reference, the film`s makers have gone with the trailer to the revising committee.

Some one very close to the project said: "Why should the reference to the 1000-rupee note be seen as derogatory? What we`ve said is that politicians build their wealth on the betrayed trust of common people. Isn`t that the truth? Besides in `Aashayein`, we have John Abraham constantly throwing, kicking and shoving wads of currency. Why didn`t the censor board object to that?"

Producer Sohail Makhlai confirmed the news.

"It`s true they objected to a reference to the 1000-rupee note. We`re now taking the trailer to the revising committee," he said.