Censor Board gets tough with `Rockstar`

Mumbai: The Censor Board has clamped down on certain audio and visual portions of the much-awaited Ranbir Kapoor starrer `Rockstar` that opens next week.

One would think Imtiaz Ali`s musical odyssey about a small-town boy`s journey from anonymity to superstardom on the wings of love would have flown through the censors, but it was not to be.

It was only after Ali and the film`s producers agreed to make the required deletions that the Censor Board passed the film with a U/A certificate.

The changes ordered by the board included the muting (beeping no longer allowed) of the words "sex" and "bastard" in the soundtrack -- words that commonly occur in our films and would have been allowed if the `Rockstar` team had agreed to an `A` certificate.

Likewise, a Hindi expletive which apparently Ranbir Kapoor`s character uses whenever he`s emotionally aggravated, has been muted wherever it occurs.

Again, the word, common in the films of Anurag Kashyap, Vishal Bhardwaj and other purveyors of cowbelt lingo, was not permissible in a film passed for kids with parental guidance.

Most notable of all is the board`s instruction to do away with a reference to Tibetan freedom from Chinese dominion. Apparently, Imtiaz Ali has been asked to do away with a flag in the film that reads `Free Tibet`.

"`Rockstar` has been given two options regarding the flag that reads `Free Tibet` -- either they can delete or blur the visual of the flag," a source said.

"Not that there are too many Bollywood films that would dare to take a stand on a sensitive political issue like Tibet. `Rockstar` does. The Censor Board has asked for its removal," the source added.

The CEO of the Censor Board, Pankaja Thakur, has confirmed the alterations in the film.