Character in `No One Killed...` is the fictional aspect of the story: Rani

Mumbai: Rani Mukherjee says her character of a TV news reporter in `No One Killed Jessica` is the only fictional aspect of the story based on the high profile Jessica Lall murder case.

"Nothing is fictional in the film except my character. But, it has lot of realism," Rani told reporters here.

According to her, the media was seen in a different light in the case and showed that if their power is used correctly, they can make a huge difference. "The media`s role
when witnesses turned hostile in the case is portrayed through my character Meera," Rani said.

"The manner in which the media followed up the case to its logical end and the gritty, thrilling script penned by director Rajkumar Gupta was intriguing and made me opt for this film," the actress said.

She said her character is not modelled on any particular journalist. She plays Meera who is a fearless crime reporter who deals with dangers in her everyday life.

"It`s a dynamic role," she added.

Rani also remarked that it was easiest to be a Bollywood reporter while it was tough to be a crime reporter.

"You need to be dynamic and fearless," she said. Rani said she was comfortable using expletives on screen because the character is feisty and with an attitude.

"My director told me to build the character on my own and not draw inspirations from anybody," she added.

Rani said she would be happy even if censors give `A` certificate to the film which is slated for January 7 release.

Director Rajkumar Gupta discussed the script with Jessica`s sister Sabrina and after getting her go-ahead the film went on floors. "I met Sabrina at the press conference in Delhi after completing the film and she was supportive of the
movie," Rani said.

"Sabrina spent the most important years of her life fighting for justice for her dead sister. I had sympathy for her as she fought alone. But the media supported her and used its power correctly. The whole of India stood as one and I was happy to be part of this project," Rani said.

Rani said her experience of working with Vidya Balan who essays Sabrina`s role in the film was that of camaraderie.


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