‘Dabangg’ director Abhinav Kashyap getting too big for his boots

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Success is like a heady wine which makes one impulsive thereby losing ones’ perspective in life. The analogy fits here perfect in case of just one film wonder, filmmaker Abhinav ‘Dabangg’ Kashyap.

Defying industry’s logic, arrogant Abhinav Kashyap has taken the success of ‘Dabangg’ straight to his head, and has been demanding exorbitant fees from producers to make his second film post his debut film’s blistering success at the Box Office.

Even with unimaginable number of flaws in his film, Abhinav, on the basis of his short lived adulation seems to be getting too big for his boots.

Sources confirm that Abhinav demanded Rs 10 crore plus from Eros International while negotiating for a film. The source said, “The Eros International officials were flabbergasted. They had their share of talks, but nothing materialised in the end. In other words, they showed him (Abhinav) the door.”

Meanwhile it was also learnt that he had a meeting with PVR. A source reveals, “There, Abhinav demanded an amount between Rs 15 and 18 crore. The PVR officials were as shocked as the Eros International ones, if not more. Nothing happened for Abhinav there either.”

When contacted, Abhinav did not deny that he had met Eros International and PVR after the release of ‘Dabangg’. “I haven’t finalised anything on my next project as yet. But why only Eros International and PVR? I have met up with the whole world. I met Fox, UTV, Disney and Ashtavinayak too,” said Abhinav.

On being questioned about the remuneration, Abhinav said, “This is a very personal thing. It’s not for public consumption.”

To which a producer on condition of anonymity said, “Dabangg chal toh gayi, but it had many loopholes. Moreover, you can’t demand Rs 15 crores for directing a film when you have a track record of just one successful film."