Don`t call my toned muscles six-pack abs: Emraan Hashmi

Mumbai: When many actors would take pride in tomtoming their six-pack abs, Emraan Hashmi would take offence. He would much rather call his newly-acquired chiseled torso for forthcoming movie `Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai` toned and fit.

"I actually have an aversion to calling it a six-pack. I was told to be physically fit for the film. So I put on some muscles and gained some weight as the role demanded that. But I would still say instead of six pack, it was a slightly more toned physique that was required for the role," Emraan told reporters.

"It was kind of an unreasonable task that I set for my trainer. I asked him to help me tone down in two to three months which was a very small time. The film was shot over a year and for the entire year, I kept training. In fact I am still training. I continued that," he added.

Considering that the movie is set primarily in the 1970s, toned bodies were not a regular at that time.

Asked about this, he said: "You had body building as a sport since in the 1930s. They might not have the gym and the equipments like today but they still did push ups and crunches the athletic way."

Directed by Milan Luthri, the movie releases July 30. It also stars Ajay Devgn, Kangana Ranaut and Prachi Desai.



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