Farah Khan launches trailer of `Mad About Dance`

New Delhi: Farah Khan has launched the trailer of Saahil Prem`s ` M.A.D-Mad About Dance ` in Mumbai.

Speaking at the event, the director, producer and choreographer said, "The dance I see in M.A.D is probably something we have never seen on Indian screens before. What`s commendable is that Saahil has kept the dance form true to what it is. The film has not `Bollywood-ized` any of the dances".

"It`s an amazing thing that our country is starting to accept all cultural dances, all forms of dancing- not just Bollywood dance", she added.

She also commented on Prem`s dancing skills and said, "He is a super dancer, he will be the next `Item boy` of Bollywood".

The trailer of the film, which is set to release on August 22, was received with great enthusiasm by the crowd.