Fifth Jagran Film Festival to be held in New Delhi

Mumbai: Showcasing world cinema across the country, the fifth Jagran Film Festival will open in New Delhi next month.

The five-day festival, which kick starts in New Delhi on July 5, will travel to 14 cities taking a host of world cinema to different parts in the country.

In Mumbai, the festival will be held from September 23 to 28.
"The fifth edition of the festival, this year offers special section `Cinema of the Uprising` with a clutch of seven special films. Freedom of human spirit has been a subject close to `The Jagran Philosophy`, and while we were deciding on the content, we chose this subject," Vice President, Jagran Group Basant Rathore said in a statement.

Sections `The Indian showcase` and `International Competition` will feature 20 films each.

The short film section called `Jagran shorts` will present a collection of 20 international short films in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Under the edition `Cinema of the Uprising`, the festival seeks to bring alive the strife and struggles of human beings, social groups which rose against oppression and torture.

Prominent films to be showcased includes `Beatriz`s War` (East Timor), `Outside The Law` (Algeria/Tunisia, France), `Battleship Potemkin` (Russia - Silent), `The Trial of Joan of Arc` (France), `Birsa Munda` (India), `Netaji Suibhash Chandra Bose` (India) and Kerala Verma Pazhassi Raja (India).