Film production a thankless job: Preity Zinta

Mumbai: Actress Preity Zinta, who is gearing up for the release of her debut production venture ‘Ishkq in Paris’, finds production work difficult. She says it`s more like crisis-management and is a thankless job.

"The toughest part was crisis-management. Production, of course, is a thankless job," she said at a promotional event of the film.

"What happens is that everybody`s problem is your problem. As an actor, you are used to isolating yourself. When you are on set, you just focus on your role and the rest doesn`t matter," she added.

Preity said that whenever she tried to take some time for herself, someone or the other would come to her with a problem or more.

"That time I was like, `God, why is it happening with me?` But having said that, I like to multi-task and at the end of the day, I feel if you have taken on a certain responsibility, you should shoulder it," she said.

Meanwhile, Preity, who also plays the main lead in the film, says the film is very contemporary and identifiable.

"`Ishkq in Paris` is an identifiable film. It does not challenge your intelligence. It is coming out in 2013 and has the persona of today`s people," she said.

Directed by Prem Raj, ‘Ishkq in Paris’ features debutant Rhehan Malliek opposite Preity. It releases Friday.