FIRST LOOK: Poonam Pandey’s debut adult movie ‘Nasha’

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Controversial starlet Poonam Pandey is on a high these days. And why not, after all she is gearing up for her Bollywood. For those who have been waiting to get first glimpse of the movie, Poonam has released the poster of the movie on Twitter for all to see.

The film has been titled ‘Nasha’ and the poster shows nude human figures in various postures to spell the word. Apparently, the movie is a B-grade (adult film) film as confirmed by the actress and the film’s producer Aditya Bhatia.

But funnily enough, the makers are selling it as a ‘classy’ adult film with an aim to match Hollywood standards!

Director Amit Saxena, who has earlier directed ‘Jism’, was quoted saying “’Nasha’ is a cult title. Till date no feature film with just the word ‘Nasha’ has been made in the world.”

Now, we have to wait for the release of the movie’s trailer to see if it is really that classy.