FIRST LOOK: Vikram Bhatt is back with ‘Horror Story’

Zee Media Bureau/Resham Sengar

New Delhi: Keeping up with the tradition of making horror films, Vikram Bhatt is back again this year with ‘Horror Story’.

Although the trailer is yet to be released, the poster certainly has the X factor to up curiosity among the masses for the film. The first poster features a ghastly figure sitting on a swing, with its head down and dishevelled hair. The face of the ghost is kept hidden behind a thick veil of hair, thereby adding more weightage to the spookiness of the ghost’s being.

From what we have heard, ‘Horror Story’ is about a gang of seven young people who decide to spend a night in a haunted hotel. The hotel was built on an asylum which was burnt down under unknown circumstances. Even the owner of the hotel killed himself after suffering business losses.

The cast of the film is kept fresh and comprises TV actor Karan Kundra who will be making his silver screen debut. The rest of the cast includes Ravish Desai, Hasan Zaidi, Nishant Malkani, Sheetal Singh, Aparna Bajpai, Radhika Menon and Nandini Vaid.