Get ready to watch `Ra.One` with Dolby 7.1 system

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan`s ‘Ra.One’ promises to change the movie-going experience for cinegoers here. For the first time, the Dolby surround 7.1 system is reportedly being installed in several multiplex theatres in the run-up to the sci-fi`s release.

And this is not just a vain wish to be one-up on all the other technically-sophisticated films. SRK is going all-out to ensure ‘Ra.One’ sets a new benchmark for technical finesse in Hindi cinema.

In June, the film`s technical team headed by Shah Rukh will be in Los Angeles to get special sound effects done for the film. These effects, never used in any Indian film, can only be experienced fully only when the new Dolby equipment is operational.

Oscar winning sound engineer Resul Pookutty, who will also go to Los Angels, said: "You see, `Ra.One` is not just a movie experience. It will be the first Indian film to hover somewhere between being a game and a movie. It requires a very unconventional sound and visual quality for which we`re getting the Dolby 7.1 system installed."

The idea to get sound effects done in Los Angeles and to install Dolby 7.1 in Mumbai`s theatres comes from SRK alone who has taken complete charge of the project`s post-production editing marketing and release.

"The Dolby 7.1 format goes a long way in creating a larger-than-life experience on `Ra.One`. We`re looking at changing the Indian audiences` movie-viewing experience this Diwali," said Resul.

He admits multiplexes in Mumbai are going for a makeover for the release of ‘Ra.One’.

"And for this I want to give a large part of the credit to Ramesh Sippy, who has been hands-on in supporting us in the campaign to update and modernize and sound and projection in the theatres," he said.

Explaining the Dolby 7.1 system Resul said: "Dolby 7.1 is a new sound format which gives you two additional surround channels that ensure much wider sound compared to the present Dolby 5.1.

"All the digital cinemas playing sound through their native systems and formats will now have to go through a Dolby processor which follows and standardizes the cinemas according to the ground rules of the SMPTE (the Society Of Motion Picture & Television Engineers) and ISO (International Organization For Standardization) which ensure a better movie experience for the audience."

Shah Rukh is apparently sold on the idea of taking Indian cinema to an international level with ‘Ra.One’.