Ghai says he is not making films due to lack of good scripts

Mumbai: Lamenting the degradation of poetry and story in Bollywood films, eminent filmmaker Subhash Ghai has said it is one of the primary reasons he has stopped making movies.

"It is true that Mukta Arts does not make movies of late because there are no good scripts. But, it is only 70 per cent of the reason. I am busy with my film institute and that takes up all the time," he told reporters on the sidelines of an event here.

He said present day filmmaking is just a show reel for entertainment. "We need to work together to put the situation right and encourage writers," he said.

He said that 500 alumni of his Whistling Woods International have been well placed in different positions in the film industry. Filmmaker Onir said that there was screen writing talent in abundance but filmmakers need to show more faith in freshers and added that `Screenwriters Lab` like the Mumbai Mantra-Sundance collaboration would help independent writers improve the grammar of script writing. Actor Anil Kapoor called for the need for filmmakers to start thinking globally.

"Earlier there was contentment among filmmakers that Indian cinema was happy where it was. We were happy in our own space but now there is a certain kind of transition taking place," he stated.


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