‘Guzaarish’ sets turned ‘lovenest’ for Monikangna and Aditya!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Little did Aditya Roy and Monikangna Dutta, the actors of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus, ‘Guzaarish’ know that love was in store for them on the sets of the film. Buzz has it that the two are very much in love and have been going around for some time now. They hit off instantly and bonded very well. The love birds were drawn so close to each other that crew members started teasing them as a couple.

While talking to a news daily, an insider revealed, “Aditya and Monikangna hit it off instantly. The cast and the crew used to even tease them about it.”

Aditya, however did not deny that he and Monikangna were teased as a couple on the sets of the film. But he did clarify that he was not seeing the Bengali beauty. He said, “Monikangna and I are not dating. We are just good friends."

Well this sounds quite cliché. Please say something new Aditya!