Here’s a more stylish and sexy version of ‘Kites’: ‘Kites-The Remix’!

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Mumbai: There is a buzz doing the rounds in the B-town that when Hrithik Roshan-Barbara Mori starrer ‘Kites’ releases on May 21, it is going to create a furore at the box-office.

The same is being said for its English version release – ‘Kites – The Remix’, which according to the film’s editor Brett Ratner, is more sharper, crisper and sexier than its original version.

The idea of worldwide release of shorter version of ‘Kites’ to cater the global audience was formed after Reliance BIG Pictures chairman Anil Ambani and co-producer Rakesh Roshan casually asked this A-list Hollywood director Brett Ratner over dinner whether he would be interested to edit the film for the US. Thrilled by its huge canvas, Ratner readily accepted to make the film more stylish and sleek for the American audience. The famed editor has to his credit the spectacular success of ‘Rush Hour’ series.

Sharing his experiences on ‘Kites-The Remix’, Ratner says, “The action scenes were spectacular. But the mix was very much Indian” and “very thin in the sound department. What I did was I took pictures that were incredibly well done and I put sound that was so big - the explosions, the cars and the engines and background. I gave it a real Hollywood mix unlike Bollywood movies where voices are in the foreground.”

The editor further said, “some footage was more racy, more sexuality - stuff that would appeal to international audiences. But they just didn`t use it. When I was looking at the footage, I said, `wow, we have to put this in the movie."

Ratner thinks his version of ‘Kites’ is as slick as a Hollywood movie. "The action scenes were spectacular. But the mix was very much Indian" and "very thin in the sound department".

Asked about Hrithik, Ratner says, “He is a great actor who definitely has the potential to make the Hollywood crossover. He definitely acted the way his persona is in his character. He is still very cool even though he is foreign. And he is in an incredible shape and a great dancer."

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