Himmesh Reshammiya roped in for a Michael Jackson flick!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Believe it or not, but Himmesh Reshammiya seems to have struck gold with this latest liaison with a French director named Christopher Lenoir who has made a film based on Michael Jackson’s sudden death. Sources confirm that Himesh plays an important character in the film with a rather unusual title - ‘A*’.

Earlier, industry was abuzz with reports about Himmesh making an international debut. And it appears that the musician-cum-singer/actor has made it to the top league finally.

According to sources, Himmesh was selected by producers ARI Films and director Christopher Lenoir, who felt that he would best suit the part of Sidharth Patel, the only Indian actor in the film.

“Himesh`s character, Sidharth, is an Indian musician mesmerized by the superstar”, said the source.

Further adding, the source said, "While everyone thought that Himesh is down and out, he has now surprised everyone with a film, which is sure to make headlines all over, especially in due to its controversial subject."

Despite repeated attempts to contact Christopher Lenoir and Reshammiya, they remained unavailable for comment.

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