I don`t mind running around trees in movies: Sugandha Garg

New Delhi: She debuted in Bollywood as Imran Khan`s quirky friend Shaleen in `Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na` and her next project sees her playing the love interest of a fake Osama Bin Laden, but Sugandha Garg says that she wants to be the chiffon-clad heroine of a Bollywood masala film.

The 26-year-old actress says that she wants to play the female lead in a commercial project where she gets to sing and dance around trees.

"In the Indian film format, lead roles have more meat to play. I feel ready for difficult and challenging parts... I don`t mind running around the trees because I grew up in India and they tune in with my sensibilities," Sugandha told reporters.

In her forthcoming movie, a satire `Tere Bin Laden`, she plays a Pakistani make-up artist Zoya, part of a scam to trick the US with a fake Osama Bin Laden.

The film stars Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar as a journalist who hatches the plan and the Osama look-alike played by newcomer Pradyuman Singh.

"The character is quirky, a bit boyish. The place where she works is very traditional and quiet but when she gets out on the plan with Ali Zafar she is really daring," said Sugandha.

There is also a romantic angle between her character and the fake Osama, which Sugandha says will generate many laughs.

"It is weird but quite lovely because their love develops over a period of time. They are in extreme situations together and they develop fondness for each other. However, the movie doesn`t really play out as romantic. It`s just funny," said the actress.

The film also marks the directorial debut of Abhishek Sharma and Sugandha says she has no qualms working with new filmmakers.

"It is good to work with debutantes since more effort is put into making the project a success. This movie is a first for Ali Zafar, Pradyuman and my director Abhishek," she said.

Talking about her equation with the Pakistani co-star, Sugandha said, "You would not be ever able to tell that Ali is a huge star. He is really chilled out, he used to play at
times in his van and a couple of times we used to jam together, since I play music too."

`Tere Bin Laden` is set to release in India and Pakistan simultaneously on July 16. The makers have decided to drop the name `Laden` from the title of the film for the Pakistan
release as a precautionary measure.

Reviewing the kind of tensions surrounding Pakistan, the distributors have been given a go ahead with the title `Tere Bin` in posters instead of `Tere Bin Laden`.

"It is sad that it is releasing in Pakistan without Laden but the idea is to get the film out there. I have no doubts that the film will do exceedingly well there as well," said
the actress.