I like to play grey characters, says Emraan Hashmi

Mumbai: Actor Emraan Hashmi says that he likes playing characters with grey shades as they are close to reality.

"I have always played characters with grey shades and I like it. I like that certain realism in the character. I suspect people who say they have done only good things in life. I am normal and I have done bad things, I have made mistakes," Emraan told reporters here.

"Everyone has the same wants. Some people say they don`t feel jealous or greedy...(but) I feel all these emotions. I am comfortable with people who say they have done bad, wrong or unethical things and don`t hide it. It is redeemable. I like playing such characters," the 31-year-old actor said.

"Most of my characters have dark tones and are anti-establishment. They rebel. They have similar traits," he added.

Emraan, who has played negative roles in films like `Murder`, `Gangster`, `Once Upon A Time In Mumbai` among others, will be at it again in his upcoming film `Crook`.

`Crook`, is directed by Mohit Suri of `Kalyug` fame and has debutant Neha Sharma playing the female lead.

In `Crook`, Emraan plays Jay who believes "it is good to be bad and does not live by the book."

"The character of Jay is endearing and aggressive. He thinks it is good to be bad, devious, and takes short cuts. He thinks good people finish last. He does not live by the book. He is an illegal immigrant who cannot stand up for fellow Indians during the racial attacks," Emraan said.

Personally too, I believe it is good to be bad, he added.

The `Jannat` star believes that the movie, which deals with the grave issue of racial attacks on Indians in Australia, will drive home a message.

"The film is not really made with the intention that there will be a cure to racism. We cannot change a person`s mindset, it takes a lot more than just a movie. I just hope with this film a small debate kick starts in its own small way and people over there start realising things. We have not made a preachy film. It is a commercial film," Emraan said.

The film will hit the silver-screen on October 8.


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