I slept on floor for months for `Moner Manush` role: Prosenjit

Updated: Dec 04, 2010, 14:02 PM IST

Kolkata: Bengali actor Prosenjit Chatterjee says he had shunned a life of luxury for five months during which he slept and ate on the floor to get into the skin of Lalon Fakir`s character in the award-winning film film "Moner Manush".

"For five months I kept myself confined to home to prepare for this role. I used to sleep on the floor all these months. I used to have my food on the floor. I am not used to such things, but still I did it to go deeper into the character," Prosenjit said about his much appreciated portrayal of the ascetic Lalon Fakir or Lalon Shah.

Prosenjit, son of yesteryear`s Bollywood actor Biswajeet, said the role in Goutam Ghose`s movie was not only challenging but altogether different from the characters he has portrayed so far.

"...I had to dedicate a lot of time for this role. I can guarantee that even after 40 minutes of the film, you won`t be able to recognise me... I thank Goutam-da for offering me this role," Prosenjit said on the sidelines of the movie`s premiere.

The film, which bagged for India the Golden Peacock at the just-concluded International Film Festival of India, is an Indo-Bangladesh co-production simultaneously released in both the countries Dec 3.

"As I started going deeper into this character, I received immense support from my family and friends. I had asked them to think as if I am not present around. I had asked them not to bother me regarding any issues," Prosenjit said.

The film is based on Sunil Gangopadhya`s 2008 novel "Moner Manush". It revolves around the life and philosophy of Lalon Fakir, a 19th century Bengali philosopher poet. The film deals with his teachings, his separation from his family and creation of a settlement in a forest including people who have been pushed out of their society and family.

"The teachings, philosophy, love and compassion of Lalon is more relevant in today`s world where there is so much of hatred and violence around us," Prosenjit said.