If `Commando` does well, I will begin the sequel: Vipul Shah

New Delhi: ‘Commando’ is yet to release but producer Vipul Shah has plans to produce the sequel of his high-octane action film.

Starring Vidyut Jamwal and Pooja Chopra, `Commando` will hit theatres on April 12.

"Hopefully if `Commando` does well, I will start with `Commando 2`. We are waiting for the audience to love it so that we can quickly begin with the sequel," Vipul told reporters.

The filmmaker made his directorial debut with thriller ‘Aankhen’ and went on to make ‘Waqt’ and ‘Namastey London’ among others. He turned producer in 2008 with ‘Singh Is King’.

‘Commando’ is his third film as a producer. He has earlier produced another action film ‘Force’. I think the reason to make this film was that we thought we will do something in action that has never been done in India," he said.

‘Commando’ is the story of an Indian Army officer, who during a training session gets inside Chinese Border by mistake.

Vipul believes the biggest challenge in making an action film is that the audience have stereotypical expectations from this genre.

"The problem with action film is that everybody says `Oh it is an action film so there will be nothing but just action and fights. It will be brain dead. Unfortunately, people have this mindset because it is action," Vipul said.

Hollywood`s ace action choreographer Franz Spilhaus has directed the stunts in ‘Commando’

Besides ‘Commando 2’, Vipul is producing a film which will be directed by A R Murugadoss with Akshay Kumar in the lead.