Is the badshah of Bollywood bigger than Hollywood?

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: SRK will escape the October heat and make his way to the cold and freezing winters. In a couple of days, the badshah of Bollywood will be in Berlin for the next two months to shoot for ‘Don 2’.

Apparently, it seems the infamous King Khan is more in demand than the Hollywood stars in Berlin. This is evident from the fact that the Mayor of Berlin allowed the producers of the film ‘Don 2’, to shoot in the areas which were even denied to Hollywood film makers.

"That`s how big Shah Rukh is in Berlin," said an excited producer of the film, Ritesh Sidwani. He further added, "People there, and I mean not just Asians — but Germans also, have started taking leave to be working on this film as extras.”

SRK discovered the fact that he was the heartthrob of the cinema lovers in Berlin while he was at the Berlin Film Festival to promote his film ‘My Name Is Khan’. He is to Berlin what Raj Kapoor was to Russia- like an adopted son.

Talking to news daily, SRK said, "Hundreds of people stood on the road in the snow, they treat me like a German star, and they respect and love me... like the energy I bring on the screen has filled up some void in their mechanised lives. I`m their adopted son, like Raj Kapoor was to Russia, it is a very humbling experience.”

"I`m excited to be shooting in Berlin, I like the darkness of the buildings, the starkness of the winter, people dressed in overcoats and wearing mufflers and dark glasses, and black cars going around”, he added.

The producers will explore the monumental heritages of the European city for the sequel to make it a breathtaking action thriller.