John Doe order shielded `Singham` from piracy, claim filmmakers

Mumbai: Makers of Ajay Devgan-starrer `Singham` have revealed their pre-emptive act of obtaining a rare injunction, prior to the release of the film, has helped them tackle the menace of film piracy.

"We are aware that any movie which is released gets pirated the same day or is available the very next day. Thus, as a pre-emptive measure for our film Singham, we took a John Doe Order from the Delhi high court on July 20," said Sanjay Tandon, vice president, Music and Anti-Piracy, Reliance Entertainment in a statement here.

John Doe Order is given against anonymous prospective offenders. It thus enables an IP owner to serve the notice and take action at the same time against anyone who is found indulged into infringing the copyright of the movie, he said.

"The John Doe received by us is the first of its kind. It now makes it illegal of making Singham through cable, Internet, physical DVDs or any other mode without a valid license," added Tandon.


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