Kabir Khan’s first commercial project, ‘Ek tha tiger’!

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Mumbai: Filmmaker Kabir Khan is now all set to come out with his first ever commercial project. His upcoming film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ starring Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan is being produced by Yash Raj.

Kabir’s first two projects `New York` and `Kabul Express` were realistic films but his next venture is an experiment with commercial cinema.

“It is not just the starcast but also the story which is larger than life. The subject demands that the story telling is flamboyant here," Kabir told a daily.

"There are two parts to making a film. One comes from what is inherent to you as a person and a director. That cannot change as there is certain craft which comes into play here. "On the other hand, there is a certain demand of a narrative. If you can blend the two together well, nothing better than that. My endeavour is to do that only. I want my aesthetics to be intact," said Kabir to a daily.

Kabir’s last film ‘New York’ was based on the 9/11 attacks. The director, who talked about the issue of terrorism in his film `Kabul Express` as well, said to a daily he was not under the pressure of audience exportations while scripting `Ek Tha Tiger`. "I wasn`t carrying that baggage. I never thought that I had to write something that was bigger or better than `New York`.

The characters did what they were expected to do in the story. "There is this ongoing trend to make a sequel in order to take forward the hit formula. However, I never had any intention to do that with `New York` because as far as I am concerned, the story of `New York` is over. The film had met a natural end so there was no scope left whatsoever to take it any further."

"I intend to bring in some growth in terms of story telling. Now that`s a big shift that you would see in `Ek Tha Tiger`. While `Kabul Express` and `New York` had to be narrated in a certain style, they couldn`t have been flamboyant or over stated. I think I can afford to do that in `Ek Tha Tiger`” quoted KK to a daily.

Well, a film that brings together Salman and Katrina will surely be highly anticipated by the fans, we can bet!

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