Kangana Ranaut has her way with `Tanu Weds Manu`

Mumbai: `Tanu Weds Manu`, which will see the fresh pairing of Kangana Ranaut and R. Madhavan, was initially titled `Manu Weds Tanu` but the name was changed at the lead actress` behest.

Director Anand Rai felt `Manu Weds Tanu` was an appropriate title, but Kangana who plays Tanu in the film, insisted that the title should be `Tanu Weds Manu` and not "Manu Weds Tanu" because the narrative unfolds from Tanu`s point of view, said a source.

The director was taken aback, but Kangana explained her point saying Tanu, a small town, wild girl, is the one in the commanding position compared to Madhavan`s character Manu who is shown as a simple NRI guy in the comedy.

When the director spoke to Madhavan, thinking he would get upset, the actor saw the point immediately and readily agreed with Kangana.

"It`s true that the film was earlier titled `Manu Weds Tanu`. However, we felt that `Tanu Weds Manu` was a more suitable title, according to the demands of the script. So we decided to go with `Tanu Weds Manu`," said Rai.

The film will release Feb 25.


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