Karisma`s first day shoot nearly called off

Mumbai: It seems the first full-fledged day of Karisma Kapoor`s comeback film `Dangerous Ishq` almost didn`t happen, all thanks to the ultra-sophisticated equipment that director Vikram Bhatt has got imported from Toronto.

The sophisticated 3D equipment arrived for the shooting of the film just in time. But disaster almost struck when part of the equipment seemed inoperable.

Apparently a part of the equipment turned out to be unusable. And Vikram nearly had to call off the first day`s shooting Thursday.

Vikram doesn`t deny there was a problem.

"The 3D cameras and other equipment that we`ve imported to shoot `Dangerous Ishq` are not easy to handle. Equipment like that has never been used for any film in our country before. So it wasn`t really a question of the equipment letting us down. It was more about us not being prepared to handle it," Vikram said.

Vikram and his cinematographer-father Pravin Bhatt (who does the camera work for all of Vikram`s films) had to undergo a month-long training to handle the equipment.

Beams Vikram proudly, "Both of us father and son have gone back to filmmaking school, so to speak. We had to unlearn much of the technique that we have applied to our films so far, and learn new ways of doing things. It`s been a fascinating learning experience for both of us. And yes, there have been glitches, as always it happens with new technology."

"But Karisma has been exceptionally patient and focused. It just doesn`t seem she was away from the camera for so long," said Vikram.

"Dangerous Ishq" goes into Karisma`s character`s previous births.

Informs the director, "But we`re first shooting all the contemporary portions with Karisma. Because the past has to be shot in Rajasthan in the winter. We can`t shoot in Rajasthan in summer," said Vikram.

Not when Karisma intends to take her children along for the outdoor!


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