Kiran prefers `filmmaker` tag rather than `Mrs Aamir Khan`

Mumbai: Writer-director Kiran Rao says she does not want to be known as just `Mrs Aamir Khan` and is eager to carve out a niche for herself as a filmmaker and creative person.

Speaking to reporters after unveiling the first look of her debut directorial venture `Dhobi Ghat`, Kiran said, "I have come to introduce the film myself because I want to have my own identity as a filmmaker and a creative person rather than playing better half to Aamir."

Aamir who is producing the film has allowed Kiran to take centre stage regarding the promotional activities of the film. Kiran said Aamir was a great actor and dream producer."It was exciting to direct him in my first film. We fought a lot."

The director said Aamir was not meant to be in the film. "We were not getting the right actor for the character. Aamir said try me,I can give an audition. After the audition, I had no other choice," she said.

`Dhobi Ghat` which releases on January 21 has Prateik Babbar and Aamir Khan along with two female leads who make their debut with this film.

Kiran, who earlier assisted Ashutosh Gowariker, wanted the audience to know that `Dhobi Ghat` is not an Aamir Khan movie. "I don`t want people to come in with expectations of seeing another `Ghajini` or `3 Idiots`," she said.

Kiran said 40 per cent of her film was in English. "It is less of plot-driven and even the aesthetics of filmmaking was different than Peepli Live," she said adding English was spoken in the film to capture the reality and show the different worlds that exist in Mumbai.

"The need was to stay honest to the material," she said when asked if English would reduce her audience.

To a question on the mention of Mumbai Diaries in the title `Dhobi Ghat`, Kiran said the English title was required when the film was screened at Toronto and London festivals. "Dhobi Ghat was a location in Mumbai and hence is a metaphoric title. Its a story of four people, their relationship with each other and the city of Mumbai which is the fifth character in the film. It`s a slice of life film," she said.

Kiran said her treatment of Dhobi Ghat was subtle and quiet. "Mumbai inspired me to make a film. The city is my muse and Dhobi Ghat is my tribute to the city."