Kukunoor`s `Lakshmi` was wrapped within Rs.5 crore

IANS| Updated: Nov 08, 2013, 21:21 PM IST

Mumbai: Filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor, known for making sensible films on a moderate budget, continues the trend with `Lakshmi`, about human trafficking and child prostitution.

"The budget of the film is very small. It`s been made under Rs.5 crore. We don`t really have any stars in the film," Elahe Hiptoola, co-producer of "Lakshmi", told IANS.

Hiptoola and Kukunoor have worked together on many films. Some of them are `Rockford`, `3 Deewarein`, `Hyderabad Blues 2`, `Dor`, and `Mod`.

"All the films that we have made so far have been made on an average budget except for `8x10 Tasveer`, which had stars (Akshay Kumar). Our smallest budget film so far is `Hyderabad Blues`, which was made within Rs.17 lakh," she added.

Directed by Kukunoor, "Lakshmi" features Monali Thakur as the protagonist.

The film traces the journey of a child prostitute who overcomes several hardships and becomes an inspiration for many. The story is not being told on celluloid to earn profit.

Hiptoola said: "Making money is not our intention. We only want the audience to like the film. This is a story that needs to be told and we only hope everybody likes the film."