Lara and Priyanka share animosity at the sets of ‘Don 2’

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: It is often said that time is the greatest healer, but that’s not true in the case of Lara Dutta and Priyanka Chopra, who are yet to call a truce.

Buzz has it that Lara plays SRK’s moll in ‘Don 2’ and Priyanka Chopra plays the leading lady. Talking to a news daily on Lara and Priyanka’s chemistry, an insider from the sets of ‘Don 2’ revealed, "The two barely exchanged hellos with frosty smiles before directing their warmth to Shah Rukh and director Farhan Akhtar."

Apparently, Lara and Priyanka, who were last seen together in ‘Andaaz’, have a history. The two beauties, who were crowned Miss Universe and Miss World the same year, began their career with ‘Andaaz’. However, fortune favoured Miss World Priyanka, who tasted far greater success in Bollywood than Miss Universe Lara Dutta.

Ever since, Lara categorically denied any offer to work with Priyanka, except ‘Don 2’, where she was assured by Farhan than her role would be as crucial as that of Priyanka.

It is also believed that SRK has a soft spot for Lara ever since she agreed to be a part of ‘Billu’, a film which every B-town actress had refused.

Well, comparisons will be made between Lara and Priyanka as one plays a moll and other plays the leading lady in ‘Don 2’. Meanwhile, a source added, “To begin with, their roles are unequal. If you see Esha Koppikhar`s role in ‘Don’ you`d know what Lara is playing. Priyanka has had a very stressful ad shoot and dubbing, which had to be completed in two days. In addition, there was a section of the industry trying to demolish her performance in ‘Anjaana Anjaani.’ She left in a depressed frame of mind. The last thing she needs in Berlin is a stressful ambience.”