Local barber styles Arjan’s ‘Lanka’ look

Last Updated: Nov 09, 2011, 19:27 PM IST

Mumbai: In an industry where celebrity hairstylists are hired to style actors` looks, Arjan Bajwa was made to get his locks chopped by a local barber in Bijnor for the film "Lanka".

Director Maqbool Khan, who is helming ASA Production`s "Lanka", wanted some last minute changes in Arjan`s look, and the local barber seemed to be the best bet.

"I wanted the perfect look for his character, and when we were starting to shoot, I still wanted a little change in Arjan`s style. So I looked for a local barber and tried him out. I have to say he was good, so I convinced Arjan to go for it too," said Khan.

Model-turned-actor Arjan, seen in films like "Fashion" and "Crook", says he was nervous about the haircut, but was impressed with the end result.

"It`s true that my look in the film is not styled by some renowned hairstylist as happens in most of the films. I was scared and of course very reluctant about getting a hair cut at some local saloon, but trust me this is one of my best hair cuts and the experience was amazing. If it wasn`t for the film, I would have never done something like this," he said.