Luv Sinha gives creative inputs for Umesh Shukla`s film

New Delhi: It seems `Sadiyaan` actor Luv Sinha doesn`t want to take any more chances. He is immersing himself creatively in the script of Umesh Shukla`s film to make sure that everything about the project is in place.

Praising his dedication, Shukla said: "Luv`s sincerity is something that made me approach him and this has truly helped us in the progress we have made so far on the movie."

"Luv and I have been working closely to make sure that script for the movie is strong and completely in place. We both were certain that we can`t begin anything before we have a script we both are creatively satisfied with," he added.

The film`s shoot is expected to begin early next year. Luv is said to have spent a lot of time with the director to make sure that the script is refined.

He has himself also been doing a lot of research to add realism to each character in the movie, keeping in mind that the film is a thriller.

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