Madhuri spellbound by Hrithik’s performance, says should retire

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Powerhouse performer Hrithik Roshan has once again hit the bull’s eye with ‘Guzaarish’. Basking in the adulation pouring in from all quarters, the actor was stunned and thrilled when smiling beauty Madhuri Dixit praised him for the wonderful portrayal of a quadriplegic patient on-screen.

Coming from a source, it was reported that Madhuri’s maiden movie after landing in Mumbai was Sanjay Leela Bhansali`s `Guzaarish`, and the actress was absolutely overwhelmed by Hrithik’s splendid acting caliber. Having viewed the opus, Madhuri called up Hrithik to rain showers of praise on his performance.

A source close to Hrithik states, "He was both shocked and pleased that Madhuri called him out of the blue to congratulate him on his performance in `Guzaarish.` She spoke to him about 20 minutes about how much she loved his work in Bhansali`s film. She said that Ethan was by far the most difficult character she`d seen on screen and that his acting had simply blown her mind."

Confirming it, Madhuri stated to a daily,"I told him that he was unbelievably good and that he should now retire. He`s played a quadriplegic and it`s so difficult to do such a role, because there is no body language! And he emoted so convincingly with his eyes."

She adds, “I remember the time when we were shooting for Rakesh Roshan`s film `Kishan Kanhaiya.` I heard Hrithik who was his dad at that time, say his dialogues in front of a mirror. At that time itself I told him that he had a lot of potential and that he`d make his mark in the field of acting at some point.”

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