MF Husain to rope in Vidya Balan for a comedy flick

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Well, he’s always been known for his obsession with Madhuri Dixit’s gorgeousness, and also for his fondness for actress Amrita Rao, but a few days back it was reported that artist MF Husain has become an admirer of Bollywood’s ethnic beauty Vidya Balan. And now, buzz has it that Husain is planning to make a comedy film with Vidya, his latest muse, in lead role.

Reports reveal that Husain’s confirmed about the venture by revealing to a news daily that the first scene of the film is expected to be shot when Vidya comes to London in September.

Husain said, "‘Gajagamini’ was a classical movie. ‘Meenaxi’ dealt with a contemporary theme. Now I have in mind a comedy film as my third cinema."

"Indian cinema will be celebrating its century in 2011. My work will be recreating the yester years as paintings. I also wish to set up a museum for film paintings either in Mumbai or in Kerala, a favorite place of mine," Husain added.