Movie Review: Autonagar Surya

Zee Media Bureau/ Ritika Handoo

New Delhi: In the history of cinema, oft has the subject of political thriller been told and retold. But this Deva Katta directed film `Autonagar Surya` makes you sit and take notice of the narrative unfold itself in a peculiar yet interesting way.

The film travels in time—it opens up in 70s, goes around 80s and finally reaches the 1990s. The plot moves with the life and times of a four-year-old boy called Surya, whose unfortunate enough to lose his parents at a tender age. The boy then manages to find livelihood for himself in a garage. The character of Surya grows up to work on something that has never been explored for his time. Surya played by Naga Chaitanya is pleasing in his acting style and portrays the angst of his character quite well.

Surya along with a bunch of his close friends plans to make a diesel car, a breakthrough in time if proved successful in the mid 80s. However, there comes in the twist. The actor finds himself up against the goons, who rule Autonagar, played by Jayaprakash Reddy. How he ends up in jail, is something which the viewer needs to find out.

Meanwhile during his stay in jail, Surya completes his engineering study and learns the art and craft of making a vehicle. The boy has set big dreams for himself once out of the prison and thinks incessantly towards making it a reality. His journey however, doesn`t seem like a cakewalk but rather full of hardships.

Surya faces a lot of trouble and high-handedness from the local goons who control Autonagar including the city Mayor who poses obstacles in his way towards creating a vehicle which would run on battery.

Apart from class-act presented by the actors, the music by Anoop Rubens adds to the feel of the movie. Srikanth Naroj’s cinematography takes you back in that time and you start living the Autonagar life.

The film shows Surya in a romantic liaison with his childhood love interest Siri, played by Samantha in the film. The sweet lovey-dovey scenes shown in the film come as a slight breather amid high octane action sequences.

Above all, `Autonagar Surya` does look like a film made with precision and mastery of craft.

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