My films are competing with each other: Kareena Kapoor

New Delhi: With `Ra.One` touted to cross the 100-crore mark at the box office as it releases this Diwali, Kareena Kapoor is staring at her fourth film to achieve such a feat and the actress says it is great that her films are competing with each other.

Her earlier films `3 Idiots`, `Golmaal 3` and `Bodyguard` grossed more than Rs 100 crores and `Ra.One` might become Kareena`s fourth film to break the box office record, making her the only actor in the history of Indian cinema to achieve this feat.

"It is a wonderful stint to be a part of. To have such great successes like `3 Idiots`, `Golmaal 3` and `Bodyguard` with Aamir, Ajay and Salman is a wonderful thing. Now with Shahrukh, I am looking forward to `Ra. One`.

"I keep hearing all such fantabulous box office figures every now and then. If `Ra.One` indeed manages to do as well as predicted, then nothing better than that. My films are competing with my own films and that is a great feeling,"
Kareena told reporters.

`Bodyguard` netted over 100 crores in it`s extended first week and `Ra.One` may break the record with a much bigger release on the extended weekend of Diwali.

With such commercial successes in her kitty, Kareena, 31, is well aware of the number game in Bollywood and says the commercial viability of a star is important.

"In this industry you are as good as your last film. Eventually it is all about the commercial viability of the stars. Bollywood is about entertainment; this is what sells here and we can`t change that. In fact we must not try to change that and balance it all."

"I may try to please everyone but at the end of it all, basically I have to entertain my fans. I can never forget that basic aspect of my journey as an actress," Kareena said.

It was this thought that made her sign a film like `Bodyguard` where she knew that the focus would be on co-star Salman Khan.

"Bodyguard is the only film in my career where I knew that it would be an instant blockbuster on it`s release. Yes there was Salman in it, which is a huge factor, but ultimately I believed in the power of the script."

"Regardless of what is sold about the movie, ultimately there has to be something in it that clicks with the audience, else it won`t work. `Bodyguard` had a superb story and some fantastic twists that added to the film`s appeal. Otherwise, as a brand, the film wouldn`t have been successful in all languages," she said.

Talking about language, Kareena seems to be having some fun time in `Ra. One`, what with her on-screen son reprimanding her for mouthing words that sound like abuses.

"That was sheer fun. I enjoy doing comedy and now after `Golmaal Returns` and `Golmaal 3`, my role in `Ra.One` too is a light hearted one. I play this fun loving wife of Shahrukh Khan in the film. There is a lot of `gaali galaauj` here but then these are words that just seem like `gaalis` instead of being the real ones. So no stress here."


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